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Tom Fite Construction

I continue to be impressed with HCM (Home Concepts Magazine). The demographics of the magazine played a big role in my decision to advertise with them and I’m very pleased I did. I can happily say I have plenty of jobs lined up thanks to them.

Nevada Shutters & Blinds

This magazine really is your one-stop-shop for home remodeling. Aside from my ad being advertised, I’m able to find services even for myself without having to look around. This saves me a lot of time!

Closet Factory Bay Area

I have to commend the art department for their phenomenal work! Not only are they there for every step of the process, but they really listen to my likes and concerns when it comes to my ad. Go art team! Keep doing what you’re doing.

Interior Door LA

I appreciate the quality of work this company provides. It leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. Paying for this service feels like an investment more than anything, a small price to pay for a chance to grow and expand my own company.

Mr. Pavers

Thanks Again… You have saved me so much time with your point of direction and quality designs. I get calls and compliments on my ad all the time! One less thing to worry about and more time to take those leads.

Acorn Arborist

Home Concepts Magazine made this process very easy for me. They created an ad tailored to my business and met all of my needs. I’m seeing the calls roll in.

RKC Construction

I’ve been advertising with Home Concepts Magazine for a few months now and let me tell you, I am seeing results! The team really knows their stuff and provide great customer support. I highly recommend them.

US Windows & Doors

I decided to give Home Concepts a shot. Once I received the magazine, I saw the beautiful quality and I was not disappointed. My ad looks great! It’s even better now that I’m reaching a wider target and I’m booking appointments left and right. You can’t go wrong with HCM (Home Concepts Magazine).

Awnings Company

HCM (Home Concepts Magazine) is an amazing and professional company that effortlessly matches an audience to market my ads. I recommend them.

AMM Fencing

There wouldn’t be any other company I’d go to for advertising than Home Concepts Magazine. They help me get the job done.

Newman Windows

Ads in this magazine are printed in high definition and rich in color making products that we advertise that much more eye-catching and enticing to readers looking through. I’m happy with the quality and the calls.