Our history...

Home Concepts Magazine over the years

It started with one magazine in one market, and we didn’t stop. Learn how Home Concepts Magazine became the largest independent home improvement and home services magazine in the country.


We launched our first magazine in San Diego and worked with our first advertisers.


We expanded to Phoenix, our first market outside of California. This magazine remains one of our most popular issues today!


Las Vegas and Seattle single-family, owner-occupied homes began receiving Home Concepts Magazine.


We opened Texas in Dallas/Fort Worth. We now mail to 1.6 million homes all over Texas!


Home Concepts Magazine expands to Tennessee and Colorado, adding another 600,000 homes in the greater Nashville and Denver market area.


We added Tampa and Miami at the beginning of the year and we are opening another new California market in the Inland Empire in August! We are now in 27 metropolitan markets and deliver to over 5.2 million homes nationwide per issue.

A single mission from the start...

Effective, focused advertising for home improvement projects & helpful resources for our advertisers

From our start, we have worked to provide the most effective and focused advertising for home improvement and home services businesses. That mission has allowed our team to develop deep industry expertise and create advertising that results in new customers for your business consistently. When a homeowner picks up our latest issue, they have high purchase intent and are ready to make a decision for their property.

Our advertisers keep coming back...

Advertising that generates real customers & trackable, repeatable results

Our advertisers keep coming back because they know our advertising works. We invest heavily in producing and maintaining the highest quality mailing list of only single-family, owner-occupied, high-value homes. With each distribution, advertisers can then easily track new leads and measure the effectiveness and ROI of their advertising dollars.

See what makes us stand out...

Home Concepts Magazine by the numbers

It all started with one magazine and one market. See how much we have grown since our first publication.


Metropolitan markets

We now distribute to 27 markets across the country.


5.2+ million homes each issue

We deliver to over 5.2 million homes nationwide.


In business for over 10 years

We have years of experience helping businesses reach their ideal customers.

Less than 1¢ per home

Reach your target customers for less than a penny per home.

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