If you are trying to build a home improvement or home remodeling business, you are likely looking for ways to reach more customers. While online advertising and social media is key, it is important not to forget physical mail. With shared, targeted magazines, business owners and operators can reach home owners at less than 1 cent per household. In the post below, we cover common ad sizes that business owners can use to get their offers and services in front of customers.

Types of ad sizes

First, there is the half page ad. This ad option gets your business in the magazine at the lowest price point. A half page ad is shared with another advertiser, but still has plenty of space to communicate with your target audience.

A size bigger is our full page ad. This ad size allows business owners to have a full page entirely dedicated to their business. Not only does this option provide more ad real estate for additional messages, offers, and branding, but it also stands out to customers as they reach each page. This ad size drives massive results and is our most popular ad size.

For businesses that really want to stand out, we also offer a two page spread. This size is our largest ad size and strongly grabs the attention of prospective customers. It’s a great way to stand out and also bring in room for additional branding components, including information on company history and even business case studies.

How to get started with direct mail advertising

The best way to get started is to request a free media kit with Home Concepts Magazine. A team member will reach out and can provide more information on distribution maps, upcoming deadlines, and pricing.